Clue #1 : Lmlyozypo Mcphpcj

Clue #1 : Lmlyozypo Mcphpcj

I received through the mail a photograph of a building. There is no writing on it. There is nothing about the photo that can lead me to understanding who sent it. However, the building is familiar, and I think I can figure out where it is. I would have to do some research.



Around 6 months ago, I first noticed the disappearances. First was that woman I had mentioned earlier. The second disappearance was a man around around the age of 27. He had disappeared one day after an argument with his wife. According to witnesses, he had gotten into the argument over his chronic drinking problem, then stormed out of the house with his dogs in tow. The assumption was that he was taking them for a walk, like he normally did to calm himself down after one of those rows.

However, the man had never returned. Later on that day, the dogs, two golden retrievers, returned to the house, leashes dragging in the dirt, and no one around to take care of them. So, where did he go? The wife was quite upset, from what the paper had said, and ended up calling the cops after 24 hours of his being gone to report him missing. At first, she thought that her husband had gone off to one of his pubs to drink off his anger, and then crash at a friend’s house. However, it didn’t explain why the two dogs returned to the house, ownerless, and why no one at the pub saw him that night, nor did any of his friends.

At the time, I didn’t really make a connection. It sounded like perhaps the guy got mugged or something of the like… perhaps he saw a chance to get out of the state and took it? In any case, I didn’t make the connection.

Then, one night, on October 6th, someone from my town disappeared. She was a straight-a college student, part of the cheer leading squad. This hit the papers big time. In a small town like this, a young woman disappearing would definitely make the headlines. It was a close nit place in the first place, after all.

Just like the woman from a few days prior, she seemed to have everything going for her. She had a loving girlfriend, great grades, nice car… I don’t know why she would want to disappear.All I know is that she did.

The fourth, fifth and six victims were all around the same time. It was a family of three. According to the article in the paper, their house had burned down, yet there was no evidence of bodies inside the house. The owners were never found.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but I aim to figure it out. With your help, perhaps we can solve this together. Let me know if you’re interested or have information, please.




It started in my early 20s that I remember first hearing about it. There were rumors that people couldn’t stand it anymore… to stay on this earth. I found myself standing on the sidelines as people began to disappear one by one. First, it was the guy from the next county over. Some 30 some man who had a dead end job, no family or really life to speak of. It was just brushed aside… perhaps he had moved to another town? But, these strange disappearances began to increase in number for about a year, before suddenly stopping. No one knew why, or how. All we knew is that they were gone without a trace. Over time, most people have forgotten about it. Now, ten years later, people have begun to disappear once again… Is it the same thing happening all over again?

I found it in the local news paper one day. A woman in her late 20s randomly disappeared. She was supposed to head home from work, but some people who knew her said that she liked to stop to get a drink at the local bar on her way home. It was sometime within that grace period that she ended up disappearing.

No one knows how, no one knows why. She was a well liked member of her community. A good, church going young woman, her neighbor claimed. Her co-workers had commented that she was probably going to earn that elusive promotion any day now. Her fiance even said that he was about to propose to her… so why did a woman with everything seeming to be in her favor just randomly disappear?

Some people have speculated that perhaps she just decided to leave everything behind and start anew. Perhaps she had fallen in love with someone else and wanted to be with him instead of her fiance. Yet, according to all accounts, she was apparently happy in her lot in life….

so why did she disappear?

I’ve often wondered that, and now I’ve decided to try and figure it out for myself. I plan on writing everything down in hopes of keeping my mind straight. I can only wonder if this is connected to the disappearances of ten years ago.